Affordable Housing for America’s Workers

Thousands of workforce homes across the South & Midwest

Our Mission

Finding an affordable home is a crisis from coast to coast, and everywhere in between. One million new households are formed annually, but entry-level housing priced for these new buyers is unfortunately a thing of the distant past. Wages have not kept up with inflation, a problem compounded by the fact that debt held by the current generation of new households is far greater than it was for their parents. Thus the extreme demand for affordable single-family housing. What is the market’s ability to supply it?

The median home today costs $200,000, with new construction averaging $248,000. A downpayment and stricter financing requirements puts this amount well beyond the reach of most new households. These facts explain the explosive growth of single-family rentals, which account for over 13% of housing units in the US today.

What is the best – and quickest – way to create affordable housing? This is the existential crisis facing new households today. We’ve found it is simply to renovate old houses in disrepair to “like new”, bringing affordable rentals to market. Our technology & scale enables significant efficiencies across acquisition, renovation & property management.

Our mission? Creating thousands of affordable homes for rent every year.

Our Mission

Affordable housing for
America's workforce

How We Reno

Local crews, local markets, hundreds of houses a month

Our Rentals

Thousands of affordable homes
for rent in 6 states today

Build Houses for America’s Workers!

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